Taranbeer Singh

Front End Developer


Some of the projects I am currently working on.

CSS Generator

An app that lets you generate CSS for your HTML elements with a GUI interface.


A typing test made specifically for developers to help them learn common keywords in their favorite programming language.


Instagram Clone

A 36-hour personal exercise to replicate the front end of the official Instagram app equipped with client-side routing and populated using fakerjs.


Primary skills

  • javaScript

  • TypeScript

  • React

  • NextJs

  • Redux

Libraries / Tools

  • TailwindCSS

  • Sass/Less

  • Material UI

  • Chakra UI

  • figma

Other skills

  • NodeJs

  • ExpressJs

  • MongoDB

  • Git

About Me

Hello there 👋! My name is Taran and I am a web developer with a passion for building sustainable front-end architectures.
I started my development journey with HTML and CSS back in 2020, and I have been developing websites and web applications ever since.
Currently, I'm working as a moderator at freeCodeCamp

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